Purchased via Club Secure

Ease of ordering: 4

Time to despatch: 4

Quality of unit: 3 – been unable to use it as not supported on Windows 10 Edge or Google Chrome. But by Expolorer a browser which is being phased out. Since I use iPad and a smart phone it is disappointing but I am having my laptop modified. Still unsure if I will be alerted the moment the caravan is moved !!

Value for money: 4 – if it works fine but as yet not sure

Customer Service Interaction: 5

Recommend to friends and family: yes if I can use it and it does what I expect and that is to alert me within minutes if the caravan is moved and can be tracked and recovered.

Experience: Great service with my questions and queries by email but as yet not satisfied if it works as expected. Operation and instructions need to be upgraded to the latest technology