Our customer has thousands of Plant machines. So many, that sometimes utilising CanTrack Protect technology is the quickest way to have a snap-shot visual of all of their units.  This proved incredibly beneficial earlier in the week as this time the visual revealed a rogue unit showing up in Northern Ireland. After further enquiries, it was established that a Thwaites 3 Tonne dumper had been stolen. Using our remote CanTrack Protect technology the approximate location was determined.  One of our skilled Investigators was then deployed to that location.  As we have Investigators located across the British Isles giving us complete coverage our Investigator was quickly on the scene.

Once close to the Dumper our Investigator used the homing beacon signal to detect its absolute location, a shed. Once the landowner granted permission, our Investigator took a closer look inside the shed.  Although many of the company decals had been removed other identifiers were still present and positive identification could be made.  Police were made aware and then attended the scene.  The Dumper was then recovered.

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