Two Kubota mini-excavators were reported stolen from a building site in Essex overnight with the theft reported to both the local police and CanTrack Global. Our data showed that the excavators had been split up and taken in different directions by the thieves so we dispatched two Investigators to track-down and secure each machine.

As a CanTrack Investigator was on route to the mini-excavator, we received a call from Essex Rural Crime Police notifying us of an excavator that fits the description of one of the stolen items was found by chance. On arrival at the scene, our Investigator used our technology to positively identify the machine. The customer was notified and recovered the excavator shortly after.

The other excavator was remotely tracked to farm woodland several miles away from the theft location where our Investigator positively identified the digger. The land-owner gave Essex Rural Crime Police valuable intel on the fact that he’s noticed a growing pattern of plant machinery being hidden on his land. The customer recovered the excavator shortly after to end a successful investigation and recovery of both machines.

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