A Kubota KX008 Excavator was stolen during the day from a customer’s site in Hertfordshire. We were alerted to the theft later in the day and used the technology within our Protect units to trace the stolen machine to an industrial estate in Buckinghamshire.

As with all thefts, we dispatched our Investigations Unit to the location to secure the machine. By the time our Investigator arrived at the scene, the Excavator was showing to have moved to a new location to a residential road. Using our homing-beacon technology, we tracked the excavator to a house where the resident claims it was purchased the day before. The rightful owners recovered the excavator but showed concern at possible future thefts from the same thieves.

If someone turns up at your site with a piece of machinery that they are willing to sell for cash, it’s probably stolen. Handling stolen goods is a crime and as such, this particular resident will be visited by Buckinghamshire Police for questioning.

Along with the recovered excavator, we recovered several attachments as well as evidence (passed to the police) that the resident was involved in past and possible future thefts.

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