Stolen over the weekend from Hertfordshire, recovered Monday in Essex.

Our Investigators travelled to a residential area in Essex, tracking the Micro Excavator that was fitted with a CanTrack Protect unit. The Excavator could be seen on a driveway. It had already been rebranded with new decals.

With Essex Police in attendance, the homeowner was questioned regarding the ownership of the KX008. Another occasion where cash was paid to a cold caller.

If someone turns up at your site, your house, your workplace, with a piece of machinery that they are willing to sell for cash, it’s probably stolen. Handling stolen goods is a crime,

Thieves had made an effort to make over distinguishable features of the Mirco Excavator, but with the CanTrack Investigator providing CanTrack Protect homing beacon signal data and a thorough examination of the Excavator the CanTrack customer was confirmed as the owner and able to recover their unit.  One very happy client.

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