Even though our customer still had his van keys in his possession, his multi-drop delivery van was stolen from the Essex region.

Our Investigations Unit remotely tracked the van to an industrial estate nearby and allocated a nearby Investigator to secure the van. Essex Police requested attendance and duly met up with our Investigator before entering the site. On entry to the industrial estate, our technology positively identified the stolen van before visual confirmation a few moments later. As suspected, the vehicle was locked with no signs of forcible entry or ignition indicating a keyless theft.

Keyless vehicle thefts are on the rise and show just how easy it can be for organised criminals to steal a vehicle without the need for the owner’s keys. There are several ways to steal a vehicle without the keys.
In February 2019, we gave The Sun a demonstration about how ‘relay’ keyless theft works.
This theft is likely to have been comitted using a clever lock-pick to gain entry to the van with sophisticated technology used to start the vehicle.

Essex Police arranged recovery for forensic examination while viewing potentially incriminating CCTV footage before returning the van to the rightful owners.

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