We received reports of a stolen JCB dumper that had been taken from a building site in the West Midlands. Our intelligence indicated that it was actually taken a few days previous so could be far away from the theft site. A quick search of the theft site revealed a ripped out traditional tracking unit, indicating that a thorough search had been conducted. Our technology is covert and, as designed, was not found by the thief – we know this as it relayed to our Investigations Unit the approximate location of the machine.

The fact that we didn’t get a solid GPS signal indicated that the machine was hidden in a container or building. We have several technology types that gave us a location so we dispatched an Investigator to the area to perform a local search. As our Investigator arrived at the scene, we picked up a weak homing beacon signal in the direction of an industrial estate. Our Investigator managed to gain access to the estate and traced the stolen machine to a shipping/storage container.

Police assistance was requested for access (and safety). We work closely with West Midlands Police so when we request access, they know our Investigations Unit and our technology will lead to recovery.
We were duly given access to the container where we found the stolen dumper and a bonus find of a Haam roller that was likely stolen.
The JCB owner collected both the dumper and the extra roller to pass onto the relieved and happy owner.

These containers are airtight and are suspected to be used by criminals to store and cool stolen items for later transit. Without CanTrack’s technology and in-house Investigations Unit, machines like this would unlikely be recovered. Our technology allows us to remotely and locally locate stolen machines no matter how well they are hidden. Our Investigations Unit are always on hand to investigate every single theft, giving our customers have the peace of mind in the unfortunate case of theft.

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