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The cost of agricultural theft in the UK in 2017 was £39.2m. 81% of thefts reported attributed to assets, plant and machinery.

Agricultural Vehicles

Agricultural vehicles, ATVs, quads and 4×4 vehicles, including classic tractors, are at risk. Remote locations with low levels of policing and limited camera vigilance and security are a hotspot for thieves and easy prey for targeted attacks.

Cantrack T7+

The Risks

Equipment will have its conventional security disabled or bypassed with telematics devices being removed or jammed. Once taken, it will be scanned for additional security devices before being stored on hand to access private land and either cloned, broken down for parts or exported to the EU or Africa.

Cantrack’s Solution

There is a solution. CanTrack Asset delivers a recovery rate in excess of 90%. That’s why it’s becoming the preferred choice for asset protection within the agricultural and farming community.


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