Another theft reported to our CanTrack Investigations unit, indicating once again that thieves continue to operate during these already challenging times.

This time a Hi Tip Dumper was stolen from a building site in Bedfordshire.

Our Specialist Investigator set off for the general locality as suggested by the remote tracking data.  The search area included a number of farms and farm buildings in an area of Lincolnshire. Once within the tracked zone, it became very obvious to our Investigator which building was housing the Hi Tip Dumper protected with CanTracks unique technology.  The homing beacon technology was conclusive but due to the whereabouts of the building, Lincolnshire Police were called to assist.

With Police present, the owner/occupier of the site allowed access to the secured building. A Hi Tip Dumper was inside. Although some effort had been made to falsify the vehicles identification it was confirmed as the stolen Dumper. The Dumper was recovered for the customer.

Police are continuing their investigations following this theft.

CanTrack – Beat the thief

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