Speeding Reports – Feature Highlight

Speed Limit Reports for Vehicle GPS

Current speed limit information reporting for all UK and Europe roads and motorways. Speed limits are specific to each road so you can see where the real speeding problem areas are.

Fleet GPS Tracking Speed Limits

CanTrack’s Fleet GPS tracking provides speed limits by the individual road your car, van or HGV is travelling on and not blanket speed limits like some vehicle GPS systems do. With our GPS tracking service, you can see on screen where drivers are speeding excessively. Our speeding reports give you the date, speed of the vehicle and road sensitive speed limit every time speeding is detected by our GPS tracking system. You can print off speeding reports by individual road or motorway.

CanTrack customers have access to speed limit information for all UK and European roads and motorways so no matter where your drivers go, you can always highlight excessive speeding. Our GPS tracking enables you to keep driver speeding tickets to a minimum, to avoid losing driver experience to speeding driving bans and not pay for costly replacement drivers.

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