Reporting Function – Feature Highlight

Fleet Vehicle Reporting Function

Extensive and detailed vehicle GPS that aid effective fleet management. CanTrack’s fleet GPS tracking reports can be delivered periodically and directly by email or downloaded from our GPS trackers.

Vehicle GPS Reporting for your Fleet

Our fleet GPS reporting function puts CanTrack way ahead of our competitors. Our GPS tracking system provides a huge amount of data (twice as much as other systems due to our 30 second location updates). CanTrack provides you with high quality reporting software tools that allow you to use that data to pinpoint major areas of improvement for your business. As a CanTrack GPS tracking customer you can take advantage of our fleet reports which are designed to be intuitive, relevant to your needs and make vehicle performance easy to analyse.

Scrutinise the performance of your fleet drivers and fleet vehicles with the CanTrack GPS tracking system and its wide range of text and visual reports. Choose from four main Fleet GPS tracking categories: Journey Reporting, Behavioural Reporting, Mileage Reporting and Fleet Reporting. Combine these Vehicle GPS reports with CanTrack’s Tag Manager for the exact level of data you want such as the worst speeders or worst fuel wasters in your fleet.

Run your fleet even more efficiently when you schedule Vehicle GPS reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and have them delivered direct to your inbox. Alternatively, export all your GPS tracking reports to Microsoft Excel or PDF files. Whatever reporting you need to manage your fleet vehicles more effectively you can get from the CanTrack GPS tracker.

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