Real-Time Location – Feature Highlight

CanTrack’s Real Time GPS Location Tracking

Find your company vehicles any time you need them with CanTrack’s accurate fleet GPS tracking and precise map locations updated every 30 seconds.

Real Time Location of Fleet Vehicles

With CanTrack’s precise location data provided in real time, you can track your fleet vehicles accurately at all times. Our fleet tracking customers are provided with high-powered satellite maps that update every 30 seconds, faster than any other competing GPS devices. With the speed of our location updates you never have to wait to know if your fleet drivers are where they say they are.

The high-end precision mapping available with the CanTrack GPS fleet tracking device allows you to see vehicle location even on visits to industrial estates or private off-road areas. That’s not available on most other tracking systems but it is on our GPS tracker.

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The CanTrack GPS unit is a small
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