Nearest Vehicle – Feature Highlight

CanTrack GPS Tracking Always Finds the Nearest Fleet Vehicle

Precise location GPS tracker data and easy-to-see high-grade maps lead to an increase in completed jobs and more effective customer service by always tracking the nearest fleet vehicle to a location.

Track the Nearest Vehicle with Fleet GPS Devices

With the fantastic satellite mapping and real-time traffic information that CanTrack GPS trackers provide, you can see immediately where all your fleet vehicles are located. If there is an emergency delivery or service call required, you can use our GPS devices to view the nearest vehicle and decide which driver can deliver quickest and most efficiently.

With just one click on our fleet GPS tracking system, you will be provided with a list of the nearest five vehicles and their distance from the customer’s location. Our vehicle GPS trackers also give you enhanced search functionality. Use the tag capabilities of a CanTrack GPS Tracker to narrow your choice down to a functional group like Service Engineers, a region, a city or even a vehicle type. Get your nearest fleet vehicle to the right location as quickly as possible with CanTrack GPS tracking.

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