Monitor Driver Behaviour – Feature Highlight

Monitor Fleet Driver Behaviour with GPS Devices 

The CanTrack Fleet Driver Behaviour module is a suite of interactive reporting tools that manage and monitor driver usage of company vehicles and reduce the running costs of your fleet cars and vans.

Cut Fleet Vehicle Running Costs

Keep your fleet running costs low with the newest exciting innovation from CanTrack GPS Tracking: complete driver behaviour profiling. The Driver Behaviour Module subscription provides the type of GPS tracking data that enables you to understand both how your fleet and your drivers are performing.

Identify areas for driver improvement, cut off potential problems before it’s too late and cut down your running costs with the following 5 GPS tracker data measurements:

1: Measure Idling Costs with GPS Tracking

Keep your fleet running at maximum efficiency and cut fuel costs by cutting out excessive idling. CanTrack’s Driver Behaviour module ensures that your fleet drivers switch their engines off when stopped and turn off the heating and the a/c when the vehicle is at rest.

Cutting out inappropriate driving habits will improve your fleet fuel expenditure hugely; one hour of engine idling is equal to 25 miles driving on the road. Embrace the power of Fleet GPS tracking and eliminate unnecessary vehicle idling.

2: CanTrack GPS Devices Highlight Excessive Driver Speeding

Boost your fleet vehicle fuel expenditure with our GPS tracking data. Did you know that 40 percent more fuel is used by a high top van increasing its speed from 70mph to 85mph? Correcting excessive speeding as highlighted by our Driver Behaviour module will save your company a lot of money in fuel costs.

Cutting out excessive fleet vehicle speeding also improves driver safety, keeps your company drivers on the road and enhances your firm’s public image. The driver performance data you get from a CanTrack GPS tracker stops your drivers earning too many speeding tickets, keeps them driving at an even pace for optimum fuel efficiency and keeps them driving by avoiding road bans.

3: Driver Behaviour Module Cuts out Harsh Cornering

By curtailing harsh cornering, you’ll keep your fleet’s maintenance costs low; it’s a major factor in increased visits to the garage for the replacement of vehicle parts and repairs. CanTrack’s driver performance subscription underlines how often and where your drivers are taking corners at excessive speeds.

Improved cornering lessens wear and tear and decreases the need for tyre changes for your fleet vehicles. You can also track any fleet training completed by monitoring driver performance in this area.

4: Cut Down on Excessive Fleet Vehicle Acceleration

Harsh acceleration significantly increases fuel usage and vehicle wear and tear in your fleet but you can alert your drivers to their wasteful behaviour through our GPS tracking data.

You can also improve driver safety by eliminating ineffective and dangerous driving behaviour and easing the constant strain on fleet vehicle tyres and brake pads, all with the help of CanTrack GPS tracker data.

5: Improve Braking Fleet Costs with CanTrack GPS

Sharp braking by fleet drivers creates increased safety concerns and raises fuel and vehicle maintenance expenditure greatly.

With CanTrack Fleet GPS Tracking you can reduce the replacement of fleet brake discs, brake pads and vehicle tyres. Track exactly which drivers are causing the most wear and tear on your fleet vehicles with our Driver Behaviour module.

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