Fences – Feature Highlight

GPS Tracker Fences

Custom-defined specific geographical areas or customer locations in our GPS tracking system which cut down unauthorised driver stops and detours. Receive specific location arrival and departure times for every fleet vehicle tracked.

CanTrack Fleet GPS Tracking Fences

Automate the GPS tracking of fleet drivers and vehicles with CanTrack’s Fences component. Fences or defined geographical areas are one of the great strengths of our Fleet GPS Tracking system. Fences enable you to manage the areas that your drivers visit on a regular basis simply and automatically. Once a virtual perimeter is set up you will be alerted by email every time your vehicles enter that particular zone.

Don’t permit any more trips to non-business locations during work hours or any after-hours personal usage of company vehicles with our GPS trackers. With our Site Reports tool, you can see which of your vehicles have arrived at specified locations and at what time, ensuring complete accuracy for billing and SLA purposes.

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