CanTrack GPS Tracking a comprehensive and low-cost solution for fleet vehicles

  • Plug and Play GPS Tracker
  • Designed for ease of use
  • Swap easily between fleet vehicles
  • Full suite of GPS tracking reporting tools
  • Track fleet payroll and company vehicle mileage
  • Easy-to-use GPS tracking software
  • Driver behaviour tracking module

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CanTrack Fleet and Vehicle GPS Tracking Benefits

What CanTrack Vehicle GPS Tracking Can Do for You?

CanTrack’s low-cost GPS trackers can be installed in any fleet from small pool cars to LCV and HGV vehicles.
If you need to be in total control of your fleet vehicles and the behaviour of your drivers, you need the CanTrack GPS tracking services..

Bottom line: if you need to be in total control of your fleet vehicles and the behaviour of your drivers – you need the CanTrack Fleet Tracking GPS Solution.

GPS Tracking Features and Technical Specifications

The Benefits of a CanTrack GPS Tracker

Subscribe to CanTrack GPS and enjoy huge cost and running savings with free installation. Plus, massively-reduced vehicle maintenance costs.
CanTrack’s intuitive GPS tracker software’s powerful tracking features are easy to use after minimal training.
Our innovative suite of GPS tracking reports allows you to measure and analyse driver performance in fleet vehicles and correct inappropriate behaviour like excessive acceleration, braking, cornering, speeding and idling.
Assign vehicle mileage to business or personal usage for tax recording purposes with minimum paperwork and maximum efficiency.
Cut out costly replacement drivers with our Fleet GPS tracking device. Use driver behaviour tools to highlight fleet drivers in need of corrective training for excessive speeding.
CanTrack’s out-of-hours Vehicle GPS reporting and geofencing allows you to cut out unsanctioned trips or stops in company vehicles and cut down on fleet fuel and maintenance costs.
Enjoy more accurate wage calculations, increased employee time efficiency and an increased number of completed jobs with our precise GPS tracking data.
More efficient Vehicle GPS route planning underpinned by accurate and real-time fleet driver location and traffic information leads to increased job completion rate.
With the efficient routing options and precise location data provided by the CanTrack GPS Tracker you can always keep your customer in the picture and keep your customer service levels high with options for SLA’s.
Data from our GPS Devices is always available wherever you are; using any internet-enabled device. Our fleet GPS tracking data is available 24 hours a day.
Innovative tag manager provides individual fleet vehicles with custom keywords for easy viewing of fleet performance data and easy extraction of vehicle reporting. This making tracking selections of vehicles, team members and any type of grouping you require easy with CanTrack’s GPS Fleet Tag Manager.

The Features of a CanTrack GPS Solution

Use a wide range of our detailed text and visual reports from four main categories: Journey Reporting, Behavioural Reporting, Mileage Reporting and Fleet Reporting.

Combine these fleet vehicle reports with CanTrack’s Tag Manager and you can avail of reports on specific vehicles or groups of vehicles. For example, you can compare the driving efficiency of your engineers versus your sales team or analyse geographical differences. Combine GPS Tracker Tags with report parameters to fine tune your Vehicle GPS reports even further for the data you need, such as the worst speeders or fuel wasters.

Track fleet driver performance with CanTrack’s innovative driver behaviour profiling. Our GPS Tracker’s Driver Behaviour Module subscription allows you to analyse both the performance of individual drivers and of your fleet of vehicles.

Eliminate excessive speeding, idling or harsh braking and cornering by using this suite of driver behaviour tools and improve fleet driver and vehicle productivity and safety while lowering fleet running and maintenance costs.

With CanTrack’s GPS Devices you get commercial grade satellite mapping including industrial estates and off-road destinations that is unavailable from our rivals. Enjoy complete fleet visibility and see your vehicles wherever they go.
Find your company vehicles at all times and at any time you need to know their location with CanTrack’s fleet GPS tracking. Access precise map locations for your vehicles that are updated every 30 seconds, faster than any other GPS device.
Assist your fleet drivers to take the most efficient routes to your customers and avoid traffic delays, blocked roads and accidents through real-time Fleet GPS tracking and directional traffic information.
Assign custom-defined specific geographical areas and customer locations or fences and cut out unauthorised driver stops and visits. Track the arrival and departure time and location for every fleet vehicle.
Receive GPS Tracker reports on the location and time that fleet vehicles have been used outside of work hours. Eliminate unsanctioned fleet vehicle usage and inappropriate driver behaviour to cut down on a major fuel cost.
Avail of accurate vehicle mileage reporting with a CanTrack GPS Tracker. Default settings for business and personal usage allow increased fleet tax reporting efficiency and decreased paperwork.
Check speed limit information for all individual UK and Europe roads and motorways on the CanTrack GPS Tracking system and highlight specific speeding problem areas.
See exactly which fleet driver is nearest to a location with CanTrack’s GPS Tracking solution. Improve customer service and fleet vehicle efficiency when you can see which driver can deliver quickest and most effectively for your business.
Keep your drivers safe with CanTrack’s Impact Detection Alert. Our Vehicle GPS detects a collision and sends accurate location information to emergency services if required.

The CanTrack GPS tracking unit is a small
but sophisticated device.
If you have any questions about
it’s GPS tracking features or technical specification
please call the CanTrack Team on
01908 330385
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Communication Modes GPRS/EDGE/HSPA and CDMA 1xRTT packet data, UDP and SMS
Operating Bands (MHz) 850/900/1800/1900
Location Technology 50 channel GPS
Operating Voltage 12/24 volt vehicle systems
Location Technology GPS: GLONASS and QZSS capable
Enhancement Technology SBAS: WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN (AGPS Capable)
Location Accuracy 2.0m
Anti-jamming Detection and Alert
Temperature -30° to +75° C (connected to primary power) -40° to +85° C (storage)
Humidity 95%RH @ 50° C non-condensing
Shock and Vibration U.S. Military Standards 202G and 810F, SAE J1455
EMC/EMI SAE J1113; FCC-Part 15B; Industry Canada
RoHS Compliant
Dimensions 3.684 x 2.002 x 0.775”, (93.57 x 52.88 x 19.68mm)
Weight 2.4oz, (68.03g)
Operating Voltage 7-32 VDC (momentary) 9-30 VDC (startup, operating)
Power Consumption <3 mA @ 12V (deep sleep) <20mA @ 12V (sleep on network with UDP)
<70mA @ 12V (active tracking)
Back Up Battery Lithium-Ion 1000mAh