STIHL disc cutter reported stolen from Wiltshire. Shortly after the report, we remotely tracked the machine to the Greater London area and sent in our Investigations Unit to recover it.
Our Investigations Unit tracked the machine to a commercial van, parked on a residential street, unattended.

Using our unique set of technologies available, we can identify stolen machines, even when they are hidden out of sight or enclosed in the back of a container or larger vehicle.

The Met Police were called in to assist with the recovery. While at a safe distance, our Investigations Unit monitored the van. Red-handed, the suspected thieves took items, including the disc cutter into a nearby property and started loading a different van with other hand-tools and gardening machinery.
On arrival of the police, the property was searched and the disc cutter was identified and recovered by CanTrack. Other items were recovered by Met Police.

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