81% of rural theft attributed to assets, plant and machinery

By |March 30th, 2018|Insights, News|

A whopping 81% of theft reported in the NFU rural crime report was attributed to assets, plant and machinery! 46% (£5.4m) being agricultural vehicles, 17.9% (£2.1m) ATV’s and quads and 17% (£2.0m) being Land Rover Defenders, leaving the remaining 18.8% (£2.2m) as livestock. These shocking statistics  reinforce the need to ensure that assets are adequately [...]

Motorbike theft – the facts…

By |February 18th, 2018|Insights, News|

Motorbike Theft - The Facts: • It takes just 20 seconds to steal a motorbike • £3m worth of motorbikes stolen each month in the UK (76 bikes per day and 27,217 per year) • More are now stolen in London than are bought new • Only 31% are recovered • 21,000 are NEVER recovered [...]

Asset theft – the facts…

By |February 16th, 2018|Insights, News|

ASSET THEFT – THE FACTS: 8,125 vehicles stolen each month in the UK (that’s 267 per day or 4.45 per hour!) Vehicle theft has a recovery rate of less than 60% Plant theft has a recovery rate of less than 10% The increase in asset theft is contributing to dramatic rises in insurance premiums and [...]

CanTrack Asset delivers a recovery rate of 91%

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With a 167% increase in vehicle theft year on year and a proposed increase in insurance premiums on the cards, can any fleet operator continue to keep persevering with conventional tracking systems that are located, removed and discarded? Balance the odds back in your favour and take control of the situation, your fleet and your [...]

40% of motorbikes stolen in 2017 will never be recovered!

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580,000 motorbikes have been stolen in the past 30 years. 40% of bikes stolen in 2017 will never be recovered. We can't stop your bike being stolen, but we can help you get it back with a 91% recovery rate enjoyed via our concierge service.

Why it’s important to protect the things that we work hard for…

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The things we work hard for are important to us. They are symbolic, a measure of achievement, often sentimental in value. But each and every one of us is at war. At war with a force that each day seeks to take away the things that mean so much to us. At CanTrack Global we [...]