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How would you like to save £800 million? With CanTrack you can.

That’s the value of plant and equipment stolen every year from UK building sites by organised professional gangs. And once stolen your assets is as good as gone with over 95 percent of stolen UK construction machinery never recovered for its owners.

The value of a CanTrack Asset Tracker is such that you save yourself from the financial loss construction equipment theft causes. That’s not just the market value of your stolen telehandler; to understand the full cost of construction plant theft, you have to consider all the factors. You have to add in the potential loss of earnings due to your missing plant and the possible financial penalties for not completing your construction job on time. Consider the difference between the valuations of your insurance company and the real markets costs to replace your stolen asset as well as any cross hire required and you’re soon left with a considerable bill. With the low investment required to have a CanTrack Asset tracker on your side however you’ll actually be spending to save and you’ll have your return on that investment within months.

Many construction vehicles now come with GPS trackers installed as standard but GPS won’t do when it comes to protection your plant and equipment from theft. So what can you do to protect your construction business from asset theft? Or if your backhoe is stolen, how do you enable quick and reliable asset recovery?

You need a proper asset tracker like CanTrack so the threat of plant theft doesn’t hold your construction company back. If you want to keep expensive construction assets safe from criminal gangs go with the asset protection you can always rely on, go with CanTrack, the construction asset tracking experts.

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CanTrack has been the leading UK provider of asset tracking solutions for the past decade and we continue to lead the industry in retrieval rates. Against the backdrop of a recovery rate for stolen assets in the UK of less than 5 percent, CanTrack is proud to say that our asset trackers help recover over 90 percent of stolen customer assets. And within the first 8 hours of the tracking unit being activated, 80 percent of those are returned to their owners.

How do we do that year after asset tracking year?

The CanTrack technology is designed to protect any valuable assets that you have from construction diggers to classic cars, from motorbikes to motorhomes. CanTrack Asset Protection is driven by tracking technology that works under the most demanding conditions and continues to signal from the toughest locations where criminals try to hide your asset.

It’s simple to install and is working as soon as you unwrap the packaging. Even more importantly our asset tracker is simple to hide. With its small size, ultra long-lasting battery and lack of exposed aerial, the CanTrack tracking unit is your flexible little shield to combat asset theft. It can be hidden practically anywhere on your asset, making it very difficult to be found in a physical search. It’s near indestructible design of a nylon polymer casing with the electronics set hard into an epoxy resin make it capable of operating in the toughest environments and construction can be very demanding on electronics.

And in the event of theft of your valuable asset, CanTrack tracker customers have the unique benefit of having a dedicated team of asset investigators working for them, working with the police and working to bring your plant or construction asset back to them within 8 hours. This combination of traditional security and high technology makes a real difference to a successful outcome.

Find out how CanTrack can help you in the fight against asset theft by calling us today on 01908 330 385.

The CanTrack Asset is the first battery powered unit of it’s type, using the very latest of technology in the market. Alongside its leading asset theft recovery capability, the CanTrack Asset has a range of sensors that allow you to manage, monitor and control your assets as never before, be they powered or not.

It starts with the design. From the ground-up the CanTrack Asset tracker was designed to incorporate the latest generation technology such as the Industrial Standard components used throughout for extra resilience to the harsh environments it operates in, to the ESIM technology that means there’s no SIM card to fall out or fail and that it will connect to any mobile network in the world.

The battery technology is primary lithium, it doesn’t discharge like rechargeable batteries and will operate in extreme temperature ranges for many years. The highest capacity CanTrack Asset can operate in excess of 20 years depending on your needs.

The CanTrack Asset is assembled inside a Nylon Polymer outer shell which gives it an especially strong casing, and the circuitry is ‘potted’ using epoxy resin which sets hard around the unit creating a near indestructible design.

CanTrack tracks your assets wherever they go. If your asset is stolen, you’ll still be able to track it no matter where thieves attempt to hide it. They can store it underground, stash it in a industrial unit or tuck it away in a metal container but CanTrack can always track it. Thanks to our patented mixture of GPS satellite, mobile and radio beacon technologies, our tracking unit never falls victim to the failings of GPS only technology used in most trackers. The CanTrack Asset tracker doesn’t have to ‘see the sky’ to keep plotting its location, it can’t be easily blocked or jammed by criminal jammers or detectors and will keep going no matter how thieves try and confuse such superior tracking technology.

It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you want to protect, CanTrack will work with your asset and will protect it from theft. CanTrack tracking units work with both powered assets like tele-handlers, rollers and dumpers, and non-powered assets like heavy attachments and containers; our tracker has no need to be connected to a vehicle’s battery for power. Thus you can keep your older or valuable non-powered assets protected just as well as your newer more expensive vehicles.

When you have to deal with one or many assets, you can keep them all tracked with CanTrack Asset recovery technology.  You’ll be able to control and monitor your assets through the CanTrack software control panel which gives our asset tracking customers the ability to view the movement of every asset with ease. CanTrack customers receive anchor breach and low battery alerts so they can be always on top of where and how their assets are. If your asset moves, you’ll know all about it with a CanTrack tracking unit.

To access the best tracking technology for any valuable asset that you can mention, contact CanTrack today on 01908 330 385.

Our asset trackers work in the most demanding environments from a hot-as-desert building site to a cold-as-fridge caravan on a wintry moor with an operating range of -30c to +80c. The last thing you want is an asset tracking device that isn’t tough enough to stand up to tough conditions. With CanTrack you get an asset tracker that will work no matter how difficult your asset’s location is. In fact, we believe it is the toughest vehicle tracker ever made.

How can we be so sure? Firstly, take a look at the video opposite. We show the CanTrack Asset being run over by a 10 tonne tele-handler, a 6 tonne digger and finally a 1 tonne tarmac roller on concrete aggregate and all with hardly a scratch. And secondly? We have the paperwork to prove it.

The CanTrack Asset tracker has certification from SGS, the world’s leading test and certification firm in handling vibration, shock, bump, humidity and temperature extremes. You think of the toughest location you can and CanTrack’s vehicle tracking unit can work there effectively. Think of the hardest weather conditions and our asset tracker will continue to operate. The CanTrack tracking device is protected to the highest attainable level against dust and water with an Ingress Protection level of IP69k meaning it’s completely waterproof even against pressure washing your plant. All this is achieved by our unique construction of a nylon polymer shell housing the electronics and battery with epoxy resin set around it, leaving a solid indestructible tracker. It’s also been properly EMC tested to BS EN standards showing you that our electrics don’t interfere with the electronics of any of your valuable assets, no matter what type of machinery or plant equipment you own. And don’t forget the outstanding longevity of up to fifteen years that the CanTrack long-lasting battery provides wherever and whatever asset it’s used with.

For more information on the strengths of the CanTrack Asset Tracking Device call 01908 330 385.

The all new CanTrack Asset has a wide range configurable options to wake the unit for location and information reporting, along with a number of on-board sensors and alerting information; all of which can be configured by the software panel. Information is contained within the reporting suite, and alerts can be configured to send to one or multiple email recipients.

The CanTrack Asset can be configured to wake at set intervals such as every day or hour, as well as specific times of day such as 10am. It can also be configured to wake at set intervals only when in motion. This is one of the settings we will use in a theft scenario to prevent wastage to the battery. If it moves we know exactly where it is, but you can also use this mode if you’re not expecting your asset to be moving e.g. if you place it in long term storage.

The CanTrack Asset has some unique sensors to aid not only in theft, but also monitoring. The light sensor is the first tamper alert that’s impossible to beat by thieves. If a thief looking for a tracking unit shines a torch upon it, the unit will activate you and warn of danger. This tamper alert is simply the most effective available because the CanTrack Asset tracker can spot the thief before he spots it. There are also some innovative uses of this sensor such as clients who have used it to be alerted if a fuel cap has been removed for fuel theft purposes, or when secured compartments or doors are opened.

The tracker also has damage and health and safety monitoring built in. The Over-turn alert will notify you if your machinery tilts to an angle of 45 degrees or more. This could be first notification of a tele-handler, roller or access platform having an accident on site or equipment damage taking place. And for heavy impact, the g-force sensor will alert you if the unit experiences the level of G you set to notify of damage on site allowing clients to check their equipment when it comes back to depot.

The CanTrack Asset can also record the hours it’s used 24/7 with no penalty to battery life and no installation, a world first. Monitor hours remotely using the CanTrack software.

If the worst comes to pass and your caravan or motorbike has been stolen from your property, you can call in the recovery reinforcements.

The dedicated investigating team that CanTrack Asset Recovery Service provides is a major factor in the quick recovery of your asset, big or small. Ex-law enforcement professionals specially trained in asset recovery techniques will converge on the location signal that our innovative technology provides to retrieve your motorhome or digger.

CanTrack offers a fully 24/7 telephone line that you can use to put our investigators on route to recovery of your asset. We aim to have our investigating team on site within 4 hours of your CanTrack vehicle tracker unit coming online anywhere in the UK. That speed of response is absolutely vital when most stolen assets are on their way out of the country within 24 hours.

So what do our asset recovery investigators do? They work with the police on the ground but always keep your interests paramount. The CanTrack team of investigators know exactly what the police need to do their job effectively and quickly. So, they’ll be able to identify your vehicle or equipment immediately as well as providing the precise location details that the authorities need for search warrants. That’s invaluable if you want your asset back as quickly as possible.

Don’t become a victim of the criminal machine, go with the human virtues of the CanTrack Asset Tracking service by calling us today on 01908 330 385.

Whatever valuable asset your business has and no matter how much you want to keep hold of it, CanTrack provides the best value asset tracking solution for you. If you want to safeguard your expensive crane or your fleet of caravans, you want CanTrack.

With a combination of constantly effective tracking technology and software alongside experienced asset recovery experts on the ground, CanTrack has everything you need to protect your important business assets from the most determined professional gang.

CanTrack provides on the ground and online recovery solutions that you can put your complete trust in no matter how tough the location you’ve stored your assets in and no matter how hard professional criminals try to hide any stolen asset. With CanTrack you get the best of traditional methods as well as the constant asset tracking technical innovation that we’ve become known for over the last ten years of tracking.

If you need any of your valuable business assets protected, you need CanTrack.  Call us today on 01908 330 385 and find out all you’ve ever need to know about how our asset trackers can keep your cars, caravans, machinery and IT servers safe from theft.

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