CanTrack Asset Tracker full usage guide

The owner of a classic bike, quad bike or off-road motorbike? Don’t have the time to ride out on your motorcycle regularly? Then you should protect your prized asset from theft with a CanTrack motorbike tracking device. Criminals won’t be deterred by physical locks or GPS trackers and they will target your beloved Suzuki, Kawasaki, Triumph or Harley.

With a CanTrack motorcycle tracker, you can be sure that wherever your quad-bike goes, you’ll be able to track your asset. Install our motorbike tracking unit and avail of a technology that works both indoors, outdoors and even underground. Our mix of GPS, mobile and radio technologies allows us to locate your motorbike even if thieves are trying to shield the signal of our asset tracking device. When your bike is located, our unique investigating team swings into action and will be on site within four hours to recover your motorbike.

Keep your motorbike on the road with the CanTrack Motorbike Recovery Service. For a free demonstration call 01908 330385 today.

CanTrack is simply the best at motorbike tracking. We’re number one in the UK with our recovery rate of stolen assets standing at 90 percent, an astonishing and industry-leading rate. Within the first 8 hours of your motorbike tracker being activated, we recover and return over 80 percent of vehicle thefts.

The CanTrack motorbike tracker is simple to install and small enough to hide anywhere on your Kawasaki, making it hard for thieves to find. Our motorcycle tracking device uses an ultra-long-lasting battery so it doesn’t drain your bike’s battery if you’re storing your motorbike for long periods. If you sell your classic road bike to another motorcycling fan, you can simply take our asset tracker to your next ride.

You may be riding an old bike that you love but there’s nothing old-fashioned about CanTrack’s motorcycle tracker. We use the latest technology in our motorbike tracking devices to protect your asset just as long as you have it. With our asset tracker for motorcycles, we utilise ESIM technology that connects to any mobile network in the world and there is no SIM card to fall out or fail.

The CanTrack motorbike tracker is powered by a battery that is primary lithium so it doesn’t discharge like inferior rechargeable batteries and can operate in extreme temperature ranges for many years. You don’t have to worry about the durability of the tracking technology we use either. Our tracker battery keeps going for up to 15 years! Using advanced circuitry encased in potted epoxy resin, our motorbike tracking unit has a near-indestructible design and keeps going no matter what.

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Criminals who target valuable motorbikes have all the tools required to block a GPS signal. They can use jamming devices, store your bike underground or tuck it away in a metal container. However, CanTrack keeps tracking your motorbike wherever it goes, no matter where thieves attempt to hide it. Our superior tracking technology doesn’t need a clear line of sight to work like GPS tracking devices.

Our patented mixture of GPS satellite, mobile and radio beacon technologies allows a CanTrack motorbike tracking device to hone in on a bike’s location whatever actions thieves take to hide your asset.

Access the best tracking technology for motorcycles in the UK market when you contact CanTrack today on 01908 330 385.

You can throw anything at our motorbike tracker and it will continue to work. We have literally run over it with a tarmac roller and it kept signalling! Wherever you’ve stored your bike, our tracking device will keep operating, our motorbike tracker has a temperature operating range of -30°C to +80°C.

CanTrack takes testing seriously, our tracking unit has a full stamp of approval from SGS, the world’s leading test and certification firm. Our motorbike tracker is able to handle vibration, shock, bump, humidity and temperature extremes without interruption to service. Our asset tracker is protected to the highest attainable level against dust and water with an Ingress Protection level of IP69k. It’s completely waterproof even when you use a pressure hose to clean up your off-road bike. You can also trust that our electrics won’t interfere with the electronics of your bike as it’s EMC tested to BS EN standards.

For more information on the durability and toughness of the CanTrack Motorbike Asset Tracking Device, call 01908 330 385 now.

Keep a close virtual eye on your motorbike day and night and everywhere it roams. When your motorcycle stirs out of the alert or anchor zone that you’ve established, you’ll receive a text or email alert straight away. You can have a detailed look at your motorbike’s movements through our online portal whenever you’re worried about its location.

In addition, as part of CanTrack’s motorbike recovery service, the intelligent monitoring system automatically triggers an alert when the bike tracker battery reaches 12 percent, giving you time to change it before it runs out. A similar alert is sent to you if your motorbike’s tracker is operating in a low mobile signal area.

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If the worst comes to pass and your quad-bike, off-road vehicle or motorbike has been stolen, you can call in the recovery experts at the CanTrack bike tracking service. We offer a 24/7 telephone line that you can always contact to put our investigators on route to the recovery of your motorbike.

Our dedicated investigating team is a major factor in the quick recovery of your Triumph or Harley bike. We aim to have our investigators on site within 4 hours of your CanTrack motorbike tracker unit coming online anywhere in the UK. The CanTrack team of investigators provides exactly what the police need to do their job effectively and quickly, from the precise location details needed for search warrants to the identification of your bike.

Keep your motorcycle safe with the CanTrack Motorbike Tracking Service. Call us today on 01908 330 385.

Whatever valuable bike you have, CanTrack provides the best value motorbike tracking solution for you. If you want to safeguard your Kawasaki in your driveway or in a lock-up garage, you want CanTrack.

CanTrack has everything you need to protect your motorbike from the most determined professional criminals. We use effective tracking technology and software to put experienced vehicle recovery experts in the right place to recover your bike. CanTrack customers enjoy the best of traditional methods alongside asset tracking technical innovation.

Call us today on 01908 330 385 to discover how to protect your precious motorbike from theft.

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The CanTrack Asset unit is a small
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