CanTrack Asset Tracker full usage guide

Make sure your physical IT infrastructure is as secure as your online data with CanTrack’s computer equipment and hardware tracker. Ensure proper physical barriers are in place as well as IT firewalls with our IT equipment tracking unit. Deny professional gangs the ability to resell your server hardware and the data they contain with a CanTrack computer tracking device.

CanTrack offers a unique combination of innovative tracker technology that monitors your IT equipment and computer hardware round the clock. Due to its small size and ultra-long-lasting battery, our IT asset tracker will keep going as long as you need it. The asset tracking experience of dedicated computer hardware recovery experts is also available to CanTrack IT tracker customers.

Don’t leave your company’s IT equipment and computer hardware unprotected for another nanosecond, call the CanTrack Asset Tracking Service today on 01908 330385.

CanTrack leads the asset recovery industry in the UK due to its incredible retrieval rate of stolen equipment. While the recovery rate of IT equipment can be as low as 3 percent, our IT equipment tracker returns your computer hardware to you over 90 percent of the time when stolen. Within the first 8 hours of the computer tracking unit being activated, 80 percent of servers and IT equipment are returned to their owners, keeping business disruption to a minimum.

There are no power concerns either with the CanTrack IT asset tracker. It runs on an ultra-long-life battery lasting up to 15 years.

Keep your data from prying eyes by keeping your IT servers under the watchful eye of the CanTrack computer hardware tracking unit. Call today on 01908 330385 for more information.

The CanTrack computer asset tracker uses only the most high-tech design to track your IT equipment. Our computer tracking unit utilises an innovative design including ESIM technology which connects to any mobile network in the world and has no SIM card to fall out or fail. With the CanTrack range of range of high-tech sensors, you can monitor your IT equipment as never before even if your computer server isn’t plugged in.

The circuitry of the CanTrack fleet vehicle tracker is protected by epoxy resin and is further encased in a Nylon Polymer outer shell. Our primary lithium battery means the CanTrack tracking device for commercial vehicles doesn’t discharge like normal rechargeable batteries and will operate in extreme temperature ranges for many years. That makes it perfect for the huge heat of a server room.

CanTrack provides computer server protection assurance that is unequalled in the UK market. Our IT equipment trackers continue to provide a precise location signal and no matter how hard criminals try to mask or jam the location signal.

CanTrack’s computer hardware tracking service uses a mixture of satellite, mobile and radio technologies. Our IT asset recovery device continues to signal no matter if criminals are storing your IT equipment in insulated containers or even in underground bunkers!

Access the best IT hardware tracking technology when you contact CanTrack today on 01908 330 385.

Once you install a CanTrack computer hardware tracker, you never again have to worry about its toughness or durability. No matter where your put our IT equipment tracking device, it will continue to work. Even considering the heat and noise of an IT server room, with an operating temperature range of -30°C to +80°C, our computer tracker can handle everything your business wants to throw at it.

SGS, the world’s leading test and certification firm, has confirmed a CanTrack IT equipment tracker can handle vibration, shock, bump, humidity and temperature extremes with ease. In addition, our computer hardware tracking unit is protected to the highest attainable level against dust and water with an Ingress Protection level of IP69k, making it completely waterproof. Our computer equipment tracker has also been EMC tested to BS EN so our electrics won’t interfere with the electronics of servers or IT hardware.

For more information on the durable strengths of the CanTrack IT Equipment Tracking Device, call 01908 330 385.

With a CanTrack Computer Hardware Tracker, you can access all its IT equipment tracking benefits from the comfort of your own desk. Choose from a wide range of configurable options for location and information reporting and email alerts, all easily configured through the software tracking panel.

CanTrack customers receive anchor breach and low battery alerts so they can be always on top of where their computer assets are, even if they haven’t logged what server rack or comms room to which they’ve moved your IT equipment! Our computer tracker also has a light sensor that If a thief shines a torch upon it, the tracking unit will activate and warn you. You could use it to be alerted if a server or piece of IT equipment is taken from a storeroom or comms cabinet.

Backing up our computer tracking technology is a unique offline element. CanTrack’s team of ex-police investigators have trained in the most up to date asset recovery techniques. Our IT equipment customers can ring a 24/7 telephone line to put our investigating team en route to the recovery of your computer. We aim to have our investigating team on site within 4 hours of your CanTrack IT tracker unit coming online anywhere in the UK.

Our recovery investigators work with one goal in mind, recovering your IT equipment as quickly as possible. With their many years of experience, our former police officers know the precise law enforcement procedures required to recover your stolen server or computer hardware from the exact map coordinates of your IT equipment to precise server identification.

Don’t become a victim of the criminal machine, go with the human virtues of the CanTrack Computer Hardware Asset Tracking service on 01908 330 385.

Whatever valuable computer assets your business holds, CanTrack provides the best value IT equipment tracking solution for you. If you want to safeguard your expensive servers or storage room full of IT hardware, you want CanTrack.

CanTrack provides on the ground and online recovery solutions that you can put your complete trust in no matter how tough the location you’ve stored your assets in and no matter how hard professional criminals try to hide any stolen computers. With CanTrack you get the best of traditional methods alongside our computer asset tracking technical innovation.

If you need any of your valuable company computer hardware protected, call us today on 01908 330 385.

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The CanTrack Asset unit is a small
but sophisticated device.
If you have any questions about
it’s features or technical specification
please call the CanTrack Team on
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