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Keep your classic car safe with a CanTrack car tracking unit. You’ve worked on your classic car for many hours to restore it to its former glory or you’ve finally had the opportunity and cash to buy the car that you’ve always dreamed of and now it sits proudly in your garage waiting for you to drive it. But is it fully protected when you’re not around?

Unfortunately, classic cars are more vulnerable to organised thieves as they lack the sophisticated security features included in newer models while their physical security can be overridden by determined criminals. The theft of classic cars in the UK may be increasing in frequency but you can keep your vintage vehicle out of the hands of criminals with a CanTrack classic car tracker.

The CanTrack Prestige Car Tracking Unit is underpinned by car tracker technology that works under the most demanding conditions and continues to signal from the most remote locations. It’s simple to install and works as soon as you open the box. With its small size, ultra-long-lasting battery and lack of exposed aerial, the CanTrack car tracker unit can be hidden practically anywhere in your prestige car, making it very difficult to be found in a physical search. In the event of car theft, CanTrack tracker customers have the unique benefit of having a dedicated team of asset investigators working for them, working with the police and working to bring your classic car back to you.

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Classic and prestige cars are vulnerable to organised thieves with their lack of sophisticated onboard security features while their physical security is easily compromised by the tools of thieves. If you use an effective classic car tracking device like CanTrack’s, however, you can foil their plans.

CanTrack is the leading UK provider of classic car tracking technology with an amazing record of recovering over 90 percent of stolen customer assets. Within the first 8 hours of the prestige car tracking unit being activated, 80 percent are returned direct to their owners.

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If your prestige car is equipped with a GPS tracker, unfortunately, it won’t protect your pride and joy. Car tracking units that depend on GPS are easily blocked. But if your classic car is equipped with a CanTrack prestige car tracker, you won’t lose sight of your cherished automobile again. With CanTrack classic car tracking you get the very latest technology to ensure that no matter what jamming technology car thieves use, your tracker will continue to provide accurate location details. Our car tracking unit uses ESIM technology that will connect to any mobile network in the world and it has no SIM card to fall out or to fail.

In addition, our prestige car tracker has industrial standard components that enable it to stand up to the harshest of buffeting. The CanTrack car tracker uses a primary lithium battery which doesn’t discharge like ordinary rechargeable batteries and will continue to function even in excessive temperature. Our highest capacity classic car tracking unit can operate for up to 20 years and has a tough Nylon Polymer outer shell as well as the internal circuitry ‘potted’ using epoxy resin creating a practically indestructible prestige car tracker.

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Don’t let your classic automobile disappear from view. With a GPS vehicle tracker you can put a prestige car in a shipping container or even a refrigerated truck and the metal muffles the location signal completely. Not with the CanTrack classic car tracking unit. Our patented combination of mobile (GSM) and homing beacon (RF) technologies to track and locate your stolen car mean that the car tracking service from CanTrack isn’t limited by location. It works both inside and outside and is virtually impervious to jamming devices.

Our car tracker runs on a rechargeable battery power so there’s no tell-tale engine connection for thieves to yank out. This makes our CanTrack car trackers very hard to find and disable and they don’t drain the engine power of your classic car. GPS trackers often require disturbing the electrics of your car for installation, that’s not exactly ideal for the classic car owner. Our car tracking software communicates for such a short time as to make detectors used by car criminals practically redundant. With the CanTrack high value car tracker, thieves won’t be able to prevent us from finding your classic car and recovering it.

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A CanTrack prestige car tracker will last just as long as your classic car does. Our car tracking units have an incredible operating range of -30°C to +80°C so they’ll work no matter the indoor or outdoor location you store your classic car in. CanTrack’s car tracking system is as tough as they come. How do we know? We’ve run a 10-tonne tele-handler over one and it continued to work perfectly!

Don’t just take our word for it though, the CanTrack Classic Car Tracker has certification from SGS, the world’s leading test firm for handling vibration, shock, bump, humidity and temperature extremes. Our prestige car tracking device is protected to the highest attainable level against dust and water with an Ingress Protection level of IP69k making it completely waterproof even under a pressure-wash. The CanTrack prestige car tracker has also been EMC tested to BS EN standards so you know that our electrics don’t interfere with the electronics of your valuable automobile.

For more information on the durability of the CanTrack Classic Car Tracker call 01908 330 385.

Whether you have a collection of classic cars or one precious prestige model, the CanTrack car tracking unit can be configured to your individual specifications. Our classic car tracker has a wide range of location and information reporting that is easily put into action through our software panel and reporting suite.

CanTrack customers receive anchor breach and low battery alerts so if your classic car moves and you’re not in it or if your battery needs recharging, you’ll know all about it through our prestige car tracking unit. Car tracker alerts can even be sent to one or multiple email recipients. In addition, you can protect your classic car with our unique thief-defeating sensors; when a thief looking for a car tracking unit shines a torch on your prestige car, our automobile tracker will alert you. The CanTrack Classic Car Tracker can also record its usage hours every hour of every day with no penalty to battery life and no installation, a world first, from a remote site.

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CanTrack has a huge advantage over other car protection devices with our elite team of dedicated investigators. On standby 24 hours of every day, our classic car tracking service personnel are hand-picked from retired law enforcement services and then specially trained in asset recovery work.

If your classic car is stolen, they will be on-site within 4 hours of the CanTrack car tracker unit coming on-line anywhere in the UK. That can make all the difference in recovering your Ferrari or Maserati before it’s shipped overseas. Protect yourself from the worst car thieves by using the best car trackers in CanTrack.

Whatever type of prestige or classic car you have in your possession, CanTrack provides the best value car tracking solution for you.

CanTrack’s combination of effective tracking technology and software alongside experienced classic car recovery experts on the ground provides everything you need to protect your prestige automobile assets from the most determined professional gang.

Call us today on 01908 330 385 and find out all you’ve ever need to know about how our automobile asset trackers can keep your classic cars safe from theft.

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