CanTrack Asset Tracker full usage guide

Your caravan or motorhome may not be readily accessible to you during long periods; you may have parked it in a remote location after your great summer holiday and you don’t always have time to visit the site to see if it’s secured. And that makes caravans vulnerable to organised criminals. Despite putting physical security in place with wheel locks, alarm systems or sunken concrete ground anchors for storage sites to deter them, you might find your caravan gone with very little chance of recovering it unless you put a motorhome asset tracker on the case.

The CanTrack motorhome tracking device can track your caravan or motorhome every location it visits even to an underground bunker! That’s why the Camping and Caravanning Club made the CanTrack motorhome tracking unit their licensed Club Secure asset tracker. If your motorhome has been stolen, you can depend on the CanTrack caravan recovery service to find it quickly using GPS, mobile and radio technologies. That’s backed up by the relentless professionalism of our unique team of investigators who have extensive experience when it comes to recovering your motorhome and who’ll be on site within four hours ready to find your caravan.

When it comes to tracking caravans and motorhomes, CanTrack is the best choice; try a free demonstration today by calling us on 01908 330 385.

CanTrack leads the industry in caravan recovery rates with an astonishing record of 90 percent of stolen customer assets retrieved. And within the first 8 hours of the caravan tracking unit being activated, 80 percent of those are returned to their owners.

It couldn’t be easier to start protecting your caravan. Our motorhome tracking device is easy to hide. The caravan tracker is powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery which is ideal for non-powered caravans and doesn’t have to be wired into your leisure batteries. Our motorhome tracker can be hidden anywhere in your caravan except in airtight metal areas or in a liquid tank and kept it from the prying eyes of thieves. Our caravan tracking unit is also easy to transfer to a new vehicle if you want to sell your caravan or motorhome.

Find out how CanTrack can help you in the fight against caravan asset theft by calling us today on 01908 330 385.

When you’re a CanTrack caravan tracking customer, you can be sure that your motorhome is protected by the very latest of technology in the market. The CanTrack Caravan tracker incorporates the latest generation tech and components that are required to operate effectively in the toughest of environments. With our motorhome tracking device you get the benefit of ESIM technology that connects to any mobile network in the world and there’s no SIM card to fall out or fail.

Add to that amazing caravan monitoring technology a battery that is primary lithium so it doesn’t discharge like inferior rechargeable batteries and can operate in extreme temperature ranges for many years. And when we say years, we mean in excess of 20 years depending on your needs and the type of CanTrack motorhome tracker you invest in. Using advanced circuitry encased in potted epoxy resin that gives it a near indestructible design, our caravan tracking unit keeps going, no matter what.

Criminals who target caravans or motorhomes have all the techniques they need to block a GPS signal. They can put your caravan in a metal outbuilding and the GPS stops working; they can use a jamming device for your motorhome and the location signal disappears. With a CanTrack caravan tracker, however, you won’t let your valuable motorhome out of your sight for a moment.

The CanTrack motorhome tracking service doesn’t need a clear line of sight to work like GPS devices. Our use of powerful ground based radio homing beacons and mobile technology means you always get a clear location signal for your caravan whatever actions thieves take to counter it. CanTrack’s caravan location signal is virtually impossible to jam so your motorhome can be recovered from any indoor, outdoor or even underground hiding place.

To access the best tracking technology for caravans or motorhomes around, contact CanTrack today on 01908 330 385.

Expect only the best caravan tracking service from CanTrack, even in the toughest locations. Our motorhome asset trackers work in a temperature operating range of -30°C to +80°C and can withstand the bleakest of weather. We think our motorhome tracking device can deal with anything you’d like to throw at it. How can we be so sure? That’s simple, we’ve run a tarmac roller over it to prove it!

Don’t take our word though, check out the certification from SGS, the world’s leading test and certification firm for our caravan tracking device in handling vibration, shock, bump, humidity and temperature extremes. The CanTrack motorhome tracker is protected to the highest attainable level against dust and water with an Ingress Protection level of IP69k meaning it’s completely waterproof even in the heaviest rain shower. Our caravan tracker has also been EMC tested to BS EN standards so you know that our electrics won’t interfere with the electronics of your motorhome or caravan.

For more information on the strengths of the CanTrack Caravan Asset Tracking Device, call 01908 330 385.

With CanTrack you can keep a virtual eye on your caravan or motorhome at any hour of the day or night no matter where it’s located. If your caravan has moved out of the alert or anchor zone that you’ve established during the winter months, you’ll receive a text or email alert. Don’t worry though about an alert being activated by heavy traffic or vibration nearby, it’s only when your motorhome moves about 2 miles that you’re alerted.

In addition, as part of CanTrack’s caravan recovery service our intelligent monitoring system automatically highlights any caravan or motorhome that has a low battery (triggered when the CanTrack tracker battery reaches 12 percent) or is now operating in a low mobile signal area.

Contact CanTrack for a free demo on 01908 330 385 now to try out the best caravan tracking service available anywhere.

If your caravan is stolen, CanTrack is the only asset tracking service that has a dedicated team of ex-police investigators. With their existing experience and with asset recovery training our investigators will be on the ground within four hours of the first theft notification searching for your motorhome.

You can talk to CanTrack’s asset recovery service 24/7 so you won’t lose a minute in your quest to recover your precious motorhome. With their police background our asset recovery professionals understand how to work with law enforcement effectively to ensure the quickest possible retrieval of your caravan. With CanTrack and Club Secure you even get this free recovery service if you’re on a European holiday.

Don’t become a victim of the caravan criminals, let the CanTrack Motorhome Tracking Service protect you on 01908 330 385.

Whatever valuable caravan or motorhome you have, CanTrack provides the best value asset tracking solution for you. If you want to safeguard your motorhome in your driveway or a fleet of holiday park caravans in a remote location, you want CanTrack.

With a combination of constantly effective tracking technology and software alongside experienced asset recovery experts on the ground, CanTrack has everything you need to protect your caravan from the most determined professional gang. With CanTrack you get the best of traditional methods as well as the constant asset tracking technical innovation that we’ve become known for over the last ten years of tracking.

Call us today on 01908 330 385 to discover more about how our caravan asset trackers can keep your motorhomes safe from theft.

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