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Experience: CanTrack is by far better than I thought it would be and it offers a lot of options which allow you to look at the vehicle’s performance. It also offers a wider choice of operations within the easy-to-use drop down menus. The mapping and real time traffic is an added bonus. We will be purchasing more devices for our own vehicles and for our sub-contractors to use and utilise.

Paul Jones | A P Couriers Ltd

I have already given out your web address to a number of my caravan friends that are interested.

Professional company with outstanding customer service, well done. When I have sought help, it’s been very professional and so impressed.

Dennis Martin

CanTrack transaction was smooth and very informative.

Daniel did a incredible job in explaining the features of the different types of trackers available on the market and how a CanTrack tracker was best suited for my needs.

Leonardo B

The CanTrack GPS vehicle tracking device is a great tool for my business. It enables me to easily report on my business mileage in a single excel export on demand.

It is a time-saving solution that means I can focus more on business than on fiddly mileage reporting at month-end.

Joseph Gourvenec | MD at eTailThis.com

Friendly and reassuring interaction with both the Sales Representative and office staff and definitely a nice company to do business with.

Neil J

A very simple piece of kit and very useful. Sold by a friendly, supportive company.

Brian O

Purchased via the Customer Services/Sales Team – Very helpful staff who answered queries, advised me on best product for my needs then took my order.

The online video suggested the product is robust and I concur, though I have not tried to drive a road roller over it! An innovative and well-priced product supplied quickly by helpful and informed staff.

Malcolm Ryan

An excellent product, with great longevity. Easy to install and configure.

Peter Sullivan | Mid-Wessex Christian Camp

Great value for money system, easy to install, and gives us all the reports and tracking we want. When we’ve had a few basic problems, they’ve been sorted immediately. Thank you.

Craig Delderfield | Ipsos Retail Performance

A clever piece of kit, carefully hidden on the car, good value for something that will keep my insurance low and my vehicle safe.

Darryl B

Quick and easy to deal with, 100% back-up and wanted to help.

Chris Allen | Dawsons Temperature Controlled Storage

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