Although much of the population is staying inside and where possible working from home, it would appear that this does not apply to thieves.

The early calls received on Monday morning by our Investigations team proved just that. Not one, but two Kubota Micro Excavators stolen from two different sites within a few miles of each other.

Interestingly, the remote tracking data was showing both units now in close proximity to each other.  Due to the locality of both machines, South Wales Police were called.

With South Wales Police in attendance, our Investigator was able to access the site indicated by the remote data.  Quickly, the homing beacon technology picked up two signals. The first led our Investigator to a padlocked door of a concrete block built outbuilding. Once opened, one Excavator was found inside and removed for recovery.

The next signal directed our Investigator to a crowded, cluttered alleyway.  There, hidden under some black tarpaulin and wedged between some containers was the second Excavator. Both Excavators were recovered for the customers.

Proving once again that our CanTrack Specialist Investigation Unit can and will find what’s yours if you protect it with CanTrack Protect technology.

CantTrack Protect – Beat the Thief

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