Another 1 Ton Dumper stolen from a building site  – This time, the theft was in Nottinghamshire (just south of one of our reported hot-spots).

CanTrack Investigators were quick to the scene indicated by the remote tracking technology. When within the determined search area our Investigator used the accurate homing beacon technology. A strong signal was obtained from a White Mercedes Sprinter van parked up against a kerb in a residential area.

Our Investigator didn’t need to rely on just the homing beacon technology.  There were many tell-tale signs

  1. The number plate looked new (and clean) compared with a van, several years old. This indicates a false plate.
  2. The door locks had tell-tale signs of a lock pick.
  3. The ignition barrel was tampered with.
  4. The passenger-side plastic facia was missing. This is a tell-tale sign that a thief has tried looking for traditional ‘wired’ tracking telemetry.
  5. The van’s wheels looked to be under stress. An empty van (on the right tyres) should never bulge under the sole weight of the van – unless it’s hiding a heavy load.

Local police were informed of the discovery and promptly recovered the van to extract the stolen dumper and return both the dumper and the (obviously stolen) van to their rightful owners.

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