Comprehensive Tracking Solutions

CanTrack Asset

Robust asset tracking solutions

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CanTrack GPS

Plug & Play vehicle tracking on a budget

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A comprehensive self-powered equipment and asset telematics solution for the remote management of valuable assets, critical infrastructure and items at risk of theft.

If an asset has value and can’t be bolted down – check out CanTrack Asset

Plug and play – easy installation and removal makes it simple to manage and move between fleet vehicles, coupled with powerful reporting tools and workflow management.

If you need to know what’s going on with your fleet – you need CanTrack GPS

Why choose CanTrack

With 10 years experience, recognised by police and industry, you know you can trust CanTrack to provide leading edge, robust products.
Whether you’re looking for Asset or GPS tracking solutions – at CanTrack we believe in delivering great value for money.
Our tracking products do not need to be wired into your vehicles which means huge savings on mechanics fees.